AKA Miniature Kite Challenge 2004

Where: AKA National Convention, Seaside, Oregon

When: October, 2004

Judges: Charlie Sotich-Head Judge, Susan Rennie and Diane Weber

AKA Miniature Kite Competition

Report by Charlie Sotich

Only two of last year's contestants participated in this year's miniature kite challenge. Donna Hachins, last year's big winner collected three trophies again. Her eagle kite carrying a miniature American Flag won the originality class and it was third in beauty. Her rampart unicorn got her a third in the smallest kite class. Merv Cooper, the other 2003 entrant was the winner of the smallest kite class. He entered three Canadian kite postage stamps and the 40mm oval centipede design was the winner. His Canadian flag rokkaku train placed third in flight.

The convention chairperson Susan Skinner brought materials and made three kites at the convention, her panzy flower kite won the beauty class while her convention logo kite won in flight. Her four-sided purple facet kite was second in originality. The third lady to win three trophies in the miniature kite competition was Sharon Champie. She entered two kites but all her awards were won by her cat face kite whose whiskers became black thread tails. Sharon's cat face kite got second in size and beauty and third in originality. Dave Butler was the other award winner, his six-sided winged box kite placed second in flight.

This year's trophies had 2001 North Carolina (First in Flight) quarters for their base with the Wright flier on it. Holographic Mylar eddy kites were again mounted on wire stems with the first place being 1 1/8 inches, second 1 1/2 inches and third 2 inches high. Five of the seven entrants were trophy winners. Three contestants entered the maximum of four kites while two contestants had three kites. Tokuji Aoki of Japan entered four kites that were all similar but had different sail designs. A likeness of Seattle Mariner baseball player Ichiro was a unique design suitable to the year 2004 and the Seaside convention location.

A big thanks go to Susan Rennie and Diane Weber who worked as judges. Scott Spencer asked that two new categories be added to next year's miniature kite challenge, best miniature ground display and best miniature accessory. If you agree with Scott or have some suggestions, let Charlie Sotich know by letter, telephone or talking in person whenever you see him.

Photos by Susan Skinner.