A Series of Miniature Kites by JoAnn

The Little Girls are original limited editions of three of each image and then that image is retired. 

These limited three are all hand done mixed media including: ink, colored pencil, permanent marker, glitter, Pearl Ex on vellum paper and using hand cut bamboo frames, hand made line winders with either rayon, polyester or mylar flying line, and mylar tails. They come "framed" in a white shadowbox with a clear acetate lid.  They may be taken out of their boxes and flown and put back in on the mounting tabs in the boxes.  Size: approx. 7"W by 9"H, (each image varies somewhat) - Thanks, JoAnn Webbysnake@aol.com

Tame Tatiana


Santa's Baby


There are currently 28 images available (2 have been retired) and most of them are selling for $125.00 plus shipping costs.  A few of the newer ones will be $140.00 The prices listed here do not include postage.

If you have any questions or want to order any of the listed items, please send email to: Webbysnake@aol.com

Note: I can also print the images on Japanese Gampi tissue.  These are about five inches high and are priced at $50.00 and have brush bristle spars and also come in "view it" boxes.  They are not mounted in the boxes like the limited edition ones.  Please request a brochure that contains all of the current images and some information on how they came to be.