The Drachen Foundation's

Great Miniature Kite Contest Winners

"World's Smallest 2000"
Nobuhiko Yoshizumi
(Kyoto, Japan)
0.6 x 0.7 cm red and black Wan Wan kite
(*Note: This kite is not the smallest in the world,
because it is larger than last year's winner, a
0.4 x 0.6 cm Sode Dako also made by
Nobuhiko Yoshizumi of Kyoto, Japan)
"Most Beautiful"
Nobuhiko Yoshizumi
(Kyoto, Japan)
"Most Original"
Owen Grossman
"Charlie Brown" kite
"Best In Flight"
Glenn Davison
"Bee Mine" kite
"Honorable Mention"
Harm van Veen, Netherlands-Lillienthal's glider
Charm Lindner, USA-Rokkaku
Nobuhiko Yoshizumi, Japan-Green Leaf kite
Harm Van Veen, Netherlands-Pink and white kite
Joanne Weber, USA-Guardian angel

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