Miniature Kite

Kite Plans

Flying Pig Kite Plan by Glenn Davison
Cocktail Napkin Kite Plan by Charlie Sotich
Napkin Kite Plan by Carlos Simoes
AKA Rokkaku Kite Plan, instructions by Paul Berard
Micro Eddy by Ton Vinken
Mini Cody Plan by Ton Vinken
Cylindrical Kite Plan by Ton Vinken
Kimono Kite Plan by Ton Vinken
Sanjo Kite Plan by Ton Vinken
Ghost Kite Plan by Ton Vinken
Bird Kite Plan by Ton Vinken
Batman Kite Plan by Ton Vinken
Billy bear's Mini Diamond Kite by Billy Bear
Twenty Miniature Kite Plans by Glenn Davison

Butterfly kite built at a workshop at the
Newport Kite Festival 2010
Miniature butterfly kite by Tosh
built from the book of Twenty Plans
Tosh is flying her butterfly
in her backyard
A mini Rokkaku kite by Lacie!
She is a big fan of little kites.
This 4" Mini Malay Kite was made
by a visitor to this web site. You can
be listed here too. If you have plans
or photos to share, send email to

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