AKA Miniature Kite Challenge 2002

Where: AKA National Convention, Ocean City, Maryland Convention Center

When: October 1, 2002

Entries: About a dozen

Judges: Charlie Sotich-Head Judge, Richard Dermer-Past AKA President, Charlie, and a fourth

Here are photos of many of the entries and some photos of the judging event as well. There's a photo of Bill Biggie who attended the event and is well known for his vast knowledge of physics and materials science. Charlie Sotich and Richard Dermer are judging. John Pollock is holding up his beautiful artwork.

2002 AKA Miniature Kite Challenge Results

Smallest Kite:

1. Glenn Davison, Chelmsford, MA at 0.75"
2. Charm Lindner, High Ridge, MO at 1.93"
3. Todd Little, Camp Hill, PA at 2.30"


1. Jim Martin, Charlotte, NC Stained Glass Fairy
2. Todd Little, Camp Hill, PA, U.S. Flag
3. Charm Lindner, High Ridge, MO, Cody


1. Todd Little, Camp Hill, PA Tomoai, Traditional Japanese
2. Charm Lindner, High Ridge, MO, Rokkaku
3. Glenn Davison, Chelmsford, MA, Crossbreed Modified Cody


1. Jim Martin, Charlotte, NC, Mini-Me Self Portrait
2. Masami Takakuwa, Yokohama, Japan, Original
3. Glenn Davison, Chelmsford, MA Crossbreed Modified Cody

The final photo shows the tiny trophies... they're only two inches tall!

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