AKA Miniature Kite Challenge 2003

Where: AKA National Convention, Dayton, Ohio

When: September, 2003

Judges: Charlie Sotich-Head Judge, Angie Chau and Margery Hawley judges



1 Marshall Harris, LA - 25 mm Silver eddy
2 Jim Martin, NC - 33 mm WACKOS.ORG kite arch  
3 Marshall Harris, LA - 43 mm Two Cell box kite     


1 Donna Houchins, MO - Pegasus     
2 (Tie) Mervin Cooper, ON - Canadian Flag rokkaku train          
2 (Tie) Jim Martin, NC - Kids with Kites d'ella porta  


1 Donna Houchins, MO - Pegasus
2 Bruce Jarvie, MI - Transparent eddy  
3 Jim Martin, NC - WACKOS.ORG kite arch  


1  Donna Houchins, MO - Pegasus
2  Jim Martin, NC - Kiting a Check" noodle   
3 (Tie) Mervin Cooper, ON - Canadian Flag rokkaku train              
3 (Tie) Jim Martin, NC - Bubbles Power Puff Girl figure kite 

Miniature Pegasus - This miniature kite is made of tissue paper, framed in the "whiskers" that grow on the end of heads of wheat. Graphics drawn with gel-ink pens.


Note from Head Judge Charlie Sotich: "Donna Houchins, a newcomer to AKA Conventions, dominated the miniature kite competition.  She only brought one kite to the event, and she got first place in three of four categories.  Her entry was a three dimensional horse with wings.  The tissue covering was nicely decorated by hand.  The short tail of her horse was all that was needed to provide the stability for smooth flight.   The fourth event, for smallest size, was won by Marshall Harris with a 33mm mylar eddy.  Jim Martin and Mervin Cooper each had four entries.  Jim's entries included an arch of ten small diamonds while Mervin had two train, one with five ladybugs of varying sizes, the other was made up of ten rokkakus 123mm high.  His other two kites were made from "I survived 60" birthday party napkins.    Newlywed Bruce Jarvie had one entry, a simple clear plastic diamond that placed 2nd in Flight.  Trophies were awarded to 1st through 3rd in each event.  The base of the trophies were 2002 Ohio quarters with the Wright flier and astronaut John Glenn on them.  Holographic eddy kites were supported by a wire stem, the first place being 1 1/8 inches, second 1 1/2 and third 2 inches high."

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