Wildwood, NJ

Miniature Kite Art Gallery

The photo below shows an overview of the display of miniature kites during the annual Wildwood International Kite Festival.
This gallery was on display from May 27-29, 2005 in the Wildwood Convention Center in Wildwood, NJ.

There were two "flying machines" forming a Kinetic display to prove that miniature kites really fly. The machines flew the kites continuously during each day of the show. Here's a closeup of three of the display panels... Valentines kites, ghosts/snowmen, and sleds.

Here is Donna Houchins "Postal Contest Winner." The kite was mailed in a standard envelope and flew well. The plastic box was added to keep away the spectators. They love to touch! To the right is a closeup of the winner... tissue paper framed with horse hair:

This is the prototype for Glenn Davison's workshop on Saturday morning.

The display included kites by Stephen Millner, Charlie Sotich, Ton Vinken, Charon and others. Here's another kite by Glenn Davison.

New boxkite box and kite by Glenn Davison. Built as a gift for Peigi who helped to edit the new book, "How to Fly a Kite."

The Wildwoods Worshop on Sunday drew a crowd who all built Glenn's "Doodle Kite." These young ladies are a group of friends who attended the workshop together!

This miniature kite expert has attended every one of Glenn's workshops for years!

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