Miniature Kite

Kite Materials

A wide variety of materials can be used to make miniature kites. Many can be found in your home right now, but remember, the most important factor in building small kites is the weight of the final product. If you're going to make a small kite, it must be very lightweight. "Lighter flies better."

Spars   Adhesives  
bamboo wood photo   white glue photo  
nylon fishing line photo   yellow glue photo  
brush bristles photo   model cement photo  
balsa wood photo   rubber cement photo  
glass fiber photo   cyanoacrylate photo  
carbon fiber photo   heat photo  
boron fiber photo   none photo  
Sails   Flying Lines  
tissue paper     nylon thread    
rice paper     silk thread    
typing paper     cotton thread    
wrapping tissue     polyester thread    
polyester fabric     rayon thread    
plastic bags     human hair    


For a free sample (No longer avaialable)


Search around your house for nylon bristle, thread, balsa/bamboo, model cement or glue and rice paper or lightweight tissue paper (Kleenex doesn't work well). Then experiment. Try some of the plans on the "Plans" page below.

If you would like to buy materials, see the kits page below.

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