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AKA Miniature Kite Challenge

This miniature kite challenge is held during the American Kitefliers Association (AKA) national convention. Kites are flown by the artist or proxy and all kites are returned to the artists. Small trophies and bragging rights are awarded.

Challenge Winners 2008

Gettysburg, PA


Best in Flight:

  1. Luis Claris Skoczdopole  -- Little Witch
  2. Jim Martin -- Hata Fighter
  3. Susan Skinner -- Tube Kite

Most Beautiful: 

  1. Susan Skinner -- Blue six sided facet kite
  2. Luis Claris -- Witch
  3. Jim Martin – Hata Fighter

Most Original:

  1. Luis Claris -- Little Witch
  2. Jim Martin -- Ride the Pig
  3. Susan Skinner – Butterfly Tetrahedral


  1. Susan Skinner -- Mini Shield
  2. Jim Martin -- Flying Chop
  3. Luis Claris -- Small Butterfly


Challenge Winners 2007


1- Jim Martin           .49    Tiny Eddy
2- Sue Skinner         .56    Lady Bug
3- Donna Houchins    .938  Unknown


1- Sue Skinner         16.9  Pansy Shield
2- Donna Houchins    16.8  Dragon
3- Donna Houchins    16.7  Horse


1- Sue Skinner          19.0 Pansy Shield
2- Sue Skinner          19.0 Blue Rose Shield
3- Jim Martin           18.0 Butterfly

Originality / Innovation:

1- Donna Houchins      18.2   Dragon
2- Donna Houchins      18.1   Papercut Horse
3-Jim Martin             17.2  Longcat v. Tacgnol

Challenge Winners 2006

2006 Miniature Kite Challenge in Des Moines, Iowa.  Photos of many of the kites can be found at in the convention album.  Here are the winners in each category:

Originality       1st            Donna Houchins, Tall Ship
                       2nd          Jim Martin, Power Puff Girls
                       3rd           Susan Skinner, Flower Kite

Flight              1st             Jim Martin, Gir                 
                       2nd           Susan Skinner, Butterfly Shield
                       3rd            Joann Weber, Cirque de Paris

Beauty            1st             Donna Houchins, Horse
                       2nd           Joann Weber
                       3rd            Jim Martin, Power Puff Girls

Size                 1st            Jim Martin, White Eddy
                       2nd           Donna Houchins,
                       3rd            Susan Skinner, Butterfly Shield

First Miniature Kite Postal Contest

Contest Winner 2005


Challenge Winners 2005

Ocean City, MD


1st                 Donna Houchin, When Pigs Fly
2nd                Jim Martin                   TIE
2nd                Harlan Groover           TIE


1st                 Jim Martin
2nd                Elly Groover
3rd                Donna Houchins
1 st                Harlan Groover, Warrior
2nd                Todd Little
3rd                Donna Houchins


1st                Jim Martin                   29mm
2nd              Donna Houchin            34mm
3rd               Mui Ting Tan


Challenge Winners 2004

Challenge Winners 2003

Challenge Winners 2002

Challenge Winners 2001



The Great Miniature Kite Contest

This miniature kite contest is run by the Drachen Foundation of Seattle. Contestants can bring their kites or mail them to the Drachen Foundation. All kites become property of the Drachen Foundation. Prizes were awarded.  This contest has not been run since 2004.

Drachen Contest Winners 2004

Drachen Contest Winners 2001

Drachen Contest Winners 2000



Contest Rules

If you'd like to run your own contest, here are suggested rules If you're attending a contest, check with the judges for the rules of your particular contest. They may be different.

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