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There are thousands of great ideas surrounding the construction and flight adjustments for indoor models. Here are a few.

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Literature with More Tips

Guide to Building Miniature Kites with 26 Plans
by Glenn Davison
Everything you need to know with tips and techniques for building sails and frames and help with detailed plans to build 26 miniature kite designs.
Miniature Kite Plans book on amazon.
Japanese Kites, Concepts and Construction

by Dan Kurahashi. In chapter seven there is an excellent explaination of how to split bamboo and it gives instructions on how to make a Canada Goose, Hummingbird, Pteranodon, butterflies, birds, mini Edo, Coyne, Winged Box and Mini Cody kites. See the weights of different materials on page 4-4.


by Maxwell Eden. See Chapter 42. Instructions for Eddy, Delta, Optical Confusion and modified Japanese Wanwan kites.


"What a surprise to find so many people making, flying, and competing with these little wonders. You making this information available online has sparked a renewed interest in one of my favorite hobbies. Thank you ever so much." -Raven Poes


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